Limited Edition Bronze of

Steve “Pre” Prefontaine

A Tribute from Linda Prefontaine and American Sculptor Mike Leckie

Working extensively with Linda Prefontaine, Steve’s sister, American sculptor Mike Leckie has created a limited-edition bronze statue of Steve ‘Pre’ Prefontaine.

More than two years in the making, he stands 24″ tall x 10″ wide x 16″ long. It is cast in the lost wax method at the Calcagno Studios in Boring, Oregon.

This is a full figure portrait of an American icon, an inspiration, depicted turning the last curve of the race, pushing himself through the exhaustion to the finish line.

The uncompromising drive of “Pre” inspired me, drove me forward. In the past two years, as I sculpted this international icon, who in his short life captured the hearts of generations, my admiration for what he accomplished intensified. I feel I captured the essence and spirit of the great Steve Prefontaine.

It is with a legend like “Pre” that we realize that our greatest talents reside in our own spirit of resilience, dedication, and perseverance.

Mike Leckie

Pre believed in helping people be the best that they can be by setting the example of hard work, goal setting and commitment to the sport he loved.

Linda Prefontaine

  • Steve “Pre” Prefontaine grew up in Coos Bay Oregon and attended the UO, he competed in the 1972 Olympics.
  • While running for the Oregon Track Club, Prefontaine set American records at every distance from 2,000 to 10,000 meters.
  • Prefontaine’s career helped inspire the 1970s “running boom.”
  • He died at age 24 in an automobile accident near his residence in Eugene, Oregon.
  • He owned 7 American distance records when he died.
  • One of the premier track meets in the world, the Prefontaine Classic, is held annually in Eugene in his honor.